October that doesn’t feel like painting

It’s now nearly the end of October and today it was a sweltering 90 degrees at one point. This month does not feel like fall, my scarves are waiting with anticipation to be brought into the world.

Fall break in school was more or less, not a break. I was fighting an illness for the two whole days off of school that I was allotted but I did not rally immediately. For fall break I had a grand plan of visiting Chicago, a vibrant alive city I love to be in. As well as get some painting done.

I don’t mean painting as in-house/room/singular-color painting. My painting is usually smaller scale, on canvas with linseed-oil based paint. Some day I’ll have a majestic art-making place I wont be afraid of getting paint on every piece of furniture. For now, newspapers cover my painting surface, and I am always making sure I haven’t dribbled onto the floor(hardwood doesn’t care for paint).

I had planned to get some painting done this month, and have not yet been able to take a day or so off to stand in front of my easel and let the paint flow.

This is a little view into how I set up to get some painting done.



My set up is not the same for everyone, and it will probably change for me when my venue changes. I hope to participate in the Plein Air Festival in the Flint Hills next year. I had participated in my random high school year I spent in Cottonwood Falls, KS but I haven’t had the opportunity to return. ThePlein Air painting is painting in the open air, usually what would be called “roughing it.” Multiple landowners throughout the middle of Kansas allow artists on their land to paint. At the end of the event, there is an auction and half the proceeds of each painting are given to the local gallery that supports the event in the community. Masters often come to teach classes on technique or hold salons for artists to participate in. All sorts of artists come from across the country, watercolor, acrylics and oil artists are all welcome.

Chase County Chamber of Commerce Plein Air Festival
Chase County Chamber of Commerce Plein Air Festival


I can’t wait to get into a larger, more accommodating space(eventually) for fully spreading out to be creative how I genuinely enjoy.

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