Katherine Steele is my name, though usually that’s a far larger number of syllables than I care to say in a day, so I go by Kate.


There are links, as a somewhat simplified game of hide and seek. I feel I simply must keep it interesting.

I’ve lived in Kansas for most of my life, it seems as though I’m making my way West towards the majestic Colorado. No really, my family is constantly inquiring wondering if I have crossed the border yet.

I am originally from Lawrence, KS (yes, I know RockChalkJayHawk) and worked full-time while I attended community college after High School. For a brief period of time I was the Photo Editor of the community college newspaper, then the Editor in Chief for a year. When it came time to go to a larger University, I made my way to Manhattan, KS.

“Treachery!” my siblings cried! For I had made the most evil of betrayals; less expensive, more-relative-to-my-goals, smaller campus, lower cost of living! How dare go from Red and Blue to PurpleI?!            Never mind that I had not actually attended Red and Blue, but they had.

Well life happened, I got a better paying job in Manhattan (read Little Apple) and slowly school started to trickle away. I had bills to pay, food to buy and my “retail” forty-hour work week was less than conducive to actual degree progress. My fall semesters were dismal thanks to Black Friday, by spring I was so worn out by the holidays it would take me months to recover. Then I was back at it all over again. So eventually, school stopped and life continued without it, I got an even better job (after three not-so-better jobs) and thought everything was right as rain.

A couple of years later, certain things happened in a very helpful order to which made it possible for me to move for my thirty-some-odd time to the magnificently Largest City in Kansas- Wichita. Before heading to get set up at Wichita State University the grown up in me had a need to find a job. Silly, I know. But in Wichita I found this beautiful new-to-me retail establishment. With lovely floors and walls, decor that was clean and the bathroom. Oh my, the bathroom that other malls dream about.

Then my knee decided it needed to attempt to murder me. Usually with pain from trying to dislocate itself at random events resulting in falls down stairs. I’m now at the Shocker Nation.

Having worked for the better part of a decade in a round-about way marketing, mostly retail marketing. I’ve fallen in hardcore “like” with it. I’m focusing on an Integrated Marketing Communication program.


I can get enough of TED talks and I am a self-proclaimed beer-snob. I prefer wearing skirts to pants and I grow weary of the hair dryer that is Kansas heat. I enjoy 1940’s and 1950’s Jazz and Blues music, and have sold paintings of my own artwork (to non-family). And I could live in Wichita without a car, I would be much happier.

My website is http://www.thekatetimes.net/

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A native Kansan, making my way through the humidty and muck and always being awesome!

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