About Kate the Great, not the Queen….Yet


I’m Me!

Just as you are you, I am me.


Born in the glorious bustling city that is (or was) Lawrence, Kansas back in the mid 1980’s. I’ve been making my way across the state it seems for now I currently am muddling around in Kansas’ largest city which is Wichita.

My mother is an academic with a Doctorate from the University of Kansas. My father is a successful carpenter and subcontractor but he taught me how to draw when I was young. I’ve always loved that he was able to do that, and I still enjoy drawing.

Recently, I’m getting my thoughts in order and will be completing my degree sooner-than-not. My favorite place to get away to is Colorado, mostly for the wonderful people I am always pleased to visit here.

Vail Village Fall 2013
Vail Village Fall 2013

I have worked in retail stores in various positions for the last six or so years. I’m told I am pretty fantastic at jobs that I have had. So my degree program is focused more in the direction of things I am better at, as most people’s should be or at least what they enjoy.

I adore darker beer, and trying new brews especially when enjoying the company of my fellow imbibers.
I’m spending a vast-majority of my weekends/free time watching the marvelous assortment of TED talks. If you haven’t looked at any of them I highly recommend it!


I love to learn, read and share engaging conversations with people who are able to have them.

A native Kansan, making my way through the humidty and muck and always being awesome!